The Gallery Zone

In collaboration with Witzenhausen Gallery, the Park Hotel has started to exhibit contemporary art in the Gallery Zone of the hotel. Every 2-3 months a new collection of photographs will be shown of various upcoming and/or famous national and international photographers. These photographers are selected by the Witzenhausen Gallery (Amsterdam and New York), after which they get the opportunity to expose their work in the Park Hotel.

Are you interested in one of the photographs of the Gallery Zone? click here, order the piece of artwork that you like and we will send it to you. Or alternatievly, visit The Gallery Zone at the Park Hotel. Why not spin around in Amsterdam style? Explore the new services and facilities on www.parkhotel.nl

Witzenhausen Gallery

In general one could say that Jacob Witzenhausen has a fascination for artists who work in a field where meanings cross, where something interesting starts to happen between the obvious elements. The kind of art that is not what it seems on first sight, when we give it only a quick glance, where the surface does not reveal its secret right immediately and where there is more to contemplate on beneath the skin.

Another element is the fascination the selected artists share for the look, the human gaze that tries to detect secrets and look behind the screen. Some of the gallery’s artists are very much occupied with the voyeuristic aspects of the act of looking and explore this in their work. Sometimes even leading us into an area where we are made to feel uneasy or even made an accomplice of this act. Accomplice or not, there is always enough to please the eye.

Witzenhausen Gallery looks for art that is confronting in a certain way. Art that touches upon the issues of life that we all have to deal with, family ties, love, sex, illness, loneliness, death and a society that can be questioned on the way it is developing. In other words: Witzenhausen looks for art that makes us contemplate our life, our relationships with others, the society and the world we live in, the way we live, love and consume.

The gallery looks for these artists on an international level. Witzenhausen Gallery gives high priority to being present at well known international art fairs.

The artists represented by Witzenhausen Gallery work on an international level as well. By bringing artists of different nationalities together, there will always be an interaction between different points of view on the cultural aspect. Ideas confront each other. We are invited to stop and test our assumptions.

Thus the gallery strives to accomplish an international interaction between artists, art lovers and buyers and an interested public.